How to overcome fear of failure.

Most of the time in our life when we have to start something new or when we need to change something, the fear of failure always push us to back foot. We even do not try for once.

This is true that fear of failure varies person to person. But some similarities among them you can notice are:

1. Lack of confidence.

2. Lack of self esteem


4.Over protective.

When we talk about fear of failure,first we should try to understand the term failure. Because failure can not be same for all. Due to different types of belief system, upbringing and values or types of goal settings failure also have different definition for different person.Sometimes from a bitter experience of past holds you to back step.

But failure is not the end. Suppose you failed on your first attempt,what will be your next move? Give up? Choice is yours. You can give up by saying your are less worthy or you can learn from your failure to make your second attempt . Your lesson from your failure can teach you how to grow and how to avoid making the same mistake again.

It is not failure itself that

holds you back ;it is the fear

of failure that parelyzes you’

Brian Tracy

Before your fear of failure paralyze you lets see how can overcome fear of failure.


Lack of inspiration is a cause of fear for failure. You can take inspiration from those great winners who had successfully overcome it. Read those true stories of winners who had learned from their failures.  Learn from their journey.All these things will surely inspire you if you decide to be inspired . Otherwise all inspiration will fed up. Along with others inspirational stories read your mind also.Try to find what is your strength and weakness. Focus on your strength and let your weakness take some rest.

Learn to take Risks.

Like failure the concept of risk varies person to person. 

We often say ,’why should I take risk?’ or ‘ I don’t want to take risk.’ are not wrong.Because you can not behave irresponsible or you can not  be gambling foolishly to achieve somthing. Success involves taking calculated risk. So you must know the boundaries. You have your own understanding and strength to identify the responsible risks. Because resposible risk taking is based on knowledge and confidence.

Positive thinking

You can choose to be posotive. You can control your thoughts by repeating positivity in your mind. Because if you want  negative results then you can only think negative. Choice is yours. Think honestly what do you want. Because sometime staying negative is more comfortable than staying positive.

Get out of your comfort zone.

Most of the time we feel so uncomfortable when we need to change or start something new. Then we start to hate the change and avoid to get out of our comfort zone. But remember ,this comfort zone is vitamin for your fear. It feeds your fear and your fear become larger than earlier . So break the comfort zone to overcome your fear.

Learn to accept failure.

You need to accept your failure.  If you have tried once and you failed,don’t ran away or don’t blame anyone. Take the responsibility and accept the failure. Because your failure will teach you where you made the mistakes and where you should put your strength
Unless and untill you become wrong you cannot discover the right.

You always pass  failure on your way to success .”

Mickey Roony


If you are now a positive person,you are able to adopt a positive attitude then you need something more to overcome the fear of failure. Because positive thinking alone is not enough. You need to  practise visualisation . Make a clear picture in your mind what you are doing after achieving your goal. Research has shown that visualisation is the effective way to overcome fear of failure.

So you have all basic action steps to overcome your fear Of failure. Next time before you say no to start some where or to do something new ,think for a while. Build positivity , take the resposible risk, break the comfort zone and visualise where you are after achieving your goal. If you fail do not quit. Learn from your mistakes and bounce back.

         “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”
                                       -Thomas Edison

How to stay productive everyday:

Never underestimate your power to change yourself”

-H.Jackson Brown,Jr

It is very important to have some productivity in our day to day life.Every moment we are spending is a price of our life.When we start our day we start with some new experiences,with some new hopes and if not then you can say our life is in death bed.Without having any productivity in daily life is waste of time and waste of time is waste of life.
So take a pause and think for a while ,”Am I wasting my life or using my time to produce something good?” But to produce something good we need to consume good.It is very important to find out those mistakes for which we are not able to stay productive.
Some reasons for which we are still staying non productive.

2.Doing boring things every day in same pattern.
3.No proper planning.
4.Maximum use of social media and wasting time.
5.Unable to set priority.
6.Consuming more negative thoughts.
7.Unhealthy diet.
8.lack of physical and mental exercises.

Let’s see how can we stay productive.

Wake up early.

This is for those who usually go to bed very late without a proper reason. There are people who are doing evening shifts or who study whole night or parents who have small kids they must have their own schedule. They may have their own time table but people who don’t have any serious reason they need to make a habit to rise early morning.For that they must go to bed early. This will help them in many ways..when they go to sleep early they will automatically minimize their unnecessary screen time. We can not deny the fact that some gadgets are controlling our lives.
From those gadgets most of the time we are knowingly or unknowingly consuming lots of negativities .When we cut down those negativities we give our mind a room to be quite for a while. If at this point we use our mind in practising positivity then it will surely be a big win for us. In another way when we rise early we get some extra hours in our life.
Also for a good night sleep make habit of early to bed.

Proper planning

It is necessary to wake up with a proper planning for the day. Make a to-do list for the next day.By following the to -do-list you can complete your work on time.

Feed your mind.

You must feed your mind time to time. Feed your mind with positive thoughts and as a result you are going stay happy and full of life.Our brain produces serotonin when we feel happy and this creates well-being. To feed your mind with positive thoughts you can follow two action steps.

1.Make a habit of reading positive stuffs on daily basis.Reading is a fine work out for your mind. There are lots of Motivational books, Biographies and Autbiographies, Novels and Short stories or Articles.You can pick one of them.
2.Listen to motivational audio or podcasts and repeat. This will surely become a part of your life when you listen again and again. Repetition of somthing become a habit easily. You will adopt those positive and inspirational thoughts which will work to produce happiness,positivity and energy.

Stop Procastinating

Do your work on time. Tomorrow never comes. Know the value of time.When you start procastinating your work you make your work more difficult. What you need to do?You just start to do what you have to do and also say to your mind that thos os the only time for this particular work. To avoid procastination you need to avoi distaction also. Between our work we we usually become distracted. To avoid this you must have a strong mindset.You can be distracted by various things. So find out those things which can distract you from your work. For example, you can be distracted by you mobile phone or daily news(which are mostly negative and can upset your mind).So before you complete your task don’t allow these to distractyou. Just say to youself,”I am on my duty. I have no time for other things.”

Work on priority basis.

You must know the importance of your work and must have an idea which one is in tio priority list. Do it as your priority list. Don’t try to be multitaskig when you are doing something really very important. First complete it and then start the next. Otherwise it will become messy

Take healthy diet and do exercises

This is one of the most important thing to stay productive. Our health is the key of every lock. To open the lock You must have the key which means u need to stay healthy and fit. Physical strength mostly depends on our healthy diet and proper exercise .
So stay fit,stay healthy. Avoid consumption of unhealthy food. Avoid consumption of Alchol.
Take rest betweent your work which is also very important.

It is not easy to stay productive all time. But by following above action steps you can make it easy.For which you need to guide yourself and know your value. Be yourself.