Endless thoughts..

Your or mine

Life is like a bottle of wine.

With years and years

It comes stronger

the taste, the smell, or the color.

A huge void is everywhere today. We don’t know where we are heading to. The void due to uncertainty of life, the void due to fear of losing someone is today’s reality. Keeping distance is the medicine of today’s illness. Gone are days when we celebrate togetherness.

Life indoors is more difficult to carry on. But we are helpless because we can not see our enemy. Was it our destiny? Millions of people taking their last breath because breathing is now the most expensive thing. Can we just play hide and seek or stand fearless in front of this pandemic?

Today being positive is no more positive. But we are positive, Positive towards a new dawn. Who will bring this new light? We together or alone? Let’s keep aside all the fear and anxiety and think about whom you are carrying in your heart now and then. Distances can not stop you to carry someone in your heart.

Although there is silence everywhere, we are still busy in our lives. We have many great deals on our heads. What will happen next? We are busy with our frustration, we are busy with our plans, gossip, anger and more. Relax and ask yourself, when there is a better option then why are all these keeping us busy? Yes, there is a better option to stay busy and it is you. You can find yourself in a new way. Listen to your heart and body, it has been whispering to you for many years. Do not ignore it as before. Spread love and care and start it with yourself.

There is no end of thoughts…to be continued..


33 thoughts on “Endless thoughts..

  1. Such a beautiful read Rosida!
    This line says it all and is so helpful for everyone
    “Today being positive is no more positive. But we are positive, Positive towards a new dawn.
    Take care and stay safe dear friend.
    holding you in light and love๐Ÿ’–โฃ๏ธ

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  2. Yes Rosida- tough times. Very tough times indeed.

    God is the only shelter and refuge. Do your best and surrender to His love and wisdom.

    Beautifully captured the whole situation.

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    1. I am fine. Some hard days were there, like family members’ illness due to covid and Yes, I am not blogging actively. But surely love to visit your blogs. Please don’t mind ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’ž

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      1. I am staying fine and healthy, you know that you are so apecial for me, because you are the first one here in WordPress who read my first blog and was the first follower to me here. Thanks Rosidabegum

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  3. Very beautifully written, Rosida. The uncertainties in life seem to have doubled nowadays, but remaining optimistic is one of the best things we can do for ourselves to keep us healthy. Go outside in your yard, enjoy the sunshine, play with our pets… There’s still many things we can do to lift our spirits.

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  4. That’s the beautiful n very thoughtful insights about the current situation n practical facts of people. Please keep sharing your valuable thoughts.

    There is no end of thoughtsโ€ฆto be continued.

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