What inspires me to write..

A writer writes thoughts, feelings, ideas, and many more. Some are there who write only for them and some write for others. But the satisfaction of a writer comes from his or her instinct.

As a child, I was very introverted and this became a factor for which I used to write my beliefs in the form of a poem, quotes, stories, and sometimes songs. But those were unpublished or you can say confidential. The shy girl didn’t want others to come to know her feelings or her creativity (height of self-doubt).

But, I loved to play with words. I loved to organize them beautifully. I don’t know why others write but I know I write to make my soul happy.

Time flies..and you don’t know how it changes you entirely. I was changed to an introverted extrovert and chose to work in sales and marketing. Life was like “the wheels of the bus go round and round”.

The same routine for every day. For more than one year I didn’t touch my diary where I used to write my musings. I don’t think it happens to others but for me, I found myself zero creative.

And again, I want to play with words. It’s the way I can again make my soul happy.


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