A day dedicated to women

Do women need a special day to celebrate? I always have this question in my mind. Every day should be women’s day, men’s day, humans’ day. But to celebrate it especially, of course, go with it. Adore all ladies in your life a little more on this day or thank them for their existence, which makes a difference in your life.

But where are the women today? Are they happy to say a “Happy women’s day”? It’s been a long way since women fighting with enormous foes to live with dignity. When they transform a house into a home, when giving birth to a life, when they prepare a meal, have they been saluted for all? Why they need a special treat when every second a woman dies for a dowry when every day a girl child is killed in a womb of a woman itself. The way a woman said goodbye on the bank of the river Sabarmati was one of the cruel truths of today’s society. Is she one and only, no,there are millions of women still waiting for a river Sabarmati to accept her.

Time has been changed. The brain is added with beauty. When she, the woman starts to believe in herself and opens her wings to fly high, stop dragging her to her odds.

She, the woman, not just a body. Respect her existence and let the mother sleep peacefully rather than haunt her with that worry of hiding her daughter from the hungry eyes which measure her statistics.

To be very honest, I am a woman and that’s my gender, not my specialty. When you have to celebrate women’s hood, establish equality, and celebrate humanity. Don’t ask a man for it, ask yourself when and how you feel as a woman that you should be treated equally by society. Before everything smashed between feminism and pseudo feminism I want to choose today and always humanism proudly.

But above all, if there is a little way to celebrate life and never miss the opportunity. Be happy to say Happy women’s day to the world where women still live with uncertainty.


I love to spread positivity to make life beautiful but on this special day, I didn’t find any option rather than to show a bit of reality. It’s my point of view, but still, I respect each and everyone’s emotions. You may not think like me but you and I always “we”. We…we are women, we are human.


45 thoughts on “A day dedicated to women

  1. Every day to me is Woman’s day as it it Man’s day. We need to celebrate and embrace all unique qualities of everyone alive and respect them to make this world a place where acceptance and love are the norm. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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      1. I’ve not been blogging much due to so many of my cats who were so critically ill, the care involved with them, and then their deaths. It has been a very hard 5 months.

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  2. There are a reason and history behind declaring and celebrating a day, a festival or an achievement.

    Celebration days are promoting a particular topic or issue which is need of the time. The day celebrated in various forms by various people.

    There is a complete contrast between declaring a day “ happy” and “ the reality”. We need hope & direction to accept and change our present.

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  3. We celebrate so many days daily and regularly it is not working. Perhaps direct help and support work better. Direct solutions and providing more opportunities is our need.

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  4. what a beautiful write up Rosida for woman and men to read.
    loved this
    ” Respect her existence and let the mother sleep peacefully rather than haunt her with that worry of hiding her daughter from the hungry eyes which measure her statistics”.
    We are to love and accept ourselves and each other as we come together. Happy Woman’s day to you!💖🌷

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  5. Hello Begum Sahiba, how is your health? I miss you here. I was observing you are not here for a long time. Is everything okay?

    Reply me as soon as possible. Just wanted to know about your situation.

    Your dost


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    1. Hi Lokesh, glad to hear from you, and thanks for the concern. My health condition is better now but not able to concentrate on my work. Will come back soon. Some tough days were there. So, I decided to take a break.

      I hope you are doing great and hitting another milestone, happy for you. Keep growing bro.🙌🙌

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      1. Although it looks weird I want to say that The situation you are facing right now, is a chance for self-inspection. Rethink on the goals you have decided for yourself.

        I’m not saying you are wrong. Just check your thoughts and try to find a simpler and direct way to achieve your goals. My best wishes to you. Lots of love from me.

        Can I help you? Any simple task or anything.

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  6. I totally relate to your post. Since childhood we have seen absolute respect for women in our home. However, my wife is a doctorate in women’s studies and from her I have learnt a lot about what you refer to as reality. The true greetings on women’s day would really be to try in our own small manner to ensure secure lives for those who love us to eternity. Your post is really written from the heart.

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    1. Thank you for your visit and for taking off your time to read. I am glad to know your thoughts. Please convey my message, to your wife as she is among those who put effort to make life beautiful.

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